I am a novelist and programmer living in Portland, OR. My first book, Couch, came out from Small Beer Press  in late 2008, and my next Sherwood Nation is out now. (See the Works page for recent publications.)

A few of my many other projects can be seen from my other site ideacog.net. eg: I published a poetry journal out of gumball capsule machines with Laura Moulton,  ran city-wide alternate reality games, and took part in a campaign to free a Guantanamo inmate, Adel Hamad (Project Hamad) with Laura and David Naimon. I wake ungodly early to write every morning. I have mild face-blindness, along with these others — ie: if I at first don’t seem to recognize you, take pity on me and give me some context. Some year I will finally be fluent in Spanish. I’m also the founder and CTO of the startup Walker Tracker. I’m married to the writer & artist Laura Moulton.

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