Sherwood Nation events, reader’s guide, etc.

Silicon Valley is treating me well. Here’s a general newsy update:

The interview with Santa Clara University’s John Farnsworth was awesome. Afterward science librarian (and more) Shannon Kealey  showed us the library’s Automatic Retrieval System.

West Valley College’s Maryanne Mills played the Sherwood Nation soundtrack as the audience filed in. And they had printed out the reader’s guide, which I’d completely forgotten about. I keep wishing I had a picture on hand of ‘Gato-ing’, which the reader’s guide has. Download the Sherwood Nation Reader’s Guide here. Lenore Harris was an excellent interviewer.

At Milpitas Library I had my first experience of presenting to a group which had all (or at least, nearly) read the book already. The discussion was far-ranged and much deeper because of it.

Speaking of libraries, this list of holds and availability for the book is pretty much the funnest thing an author can see… if you can’t reserve a copy, the Recycle Bookstore in Campbell has copies, as do many others in the valley. And there’s always online.

I have a lot of people to thank on an ongoing basis here, for rides and assistance and introductions, and I’m sure I’ll lose track of some. But thanks to Jack Lucas (a former mayor and one  of the Silicon Valley Reads  board members, selfie below), Tyre, and Chris Brown.

Jack Lucas and I, taking the scenic route back to Campbell, CA

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  1. Ben,

    We enjoyed hosting you at West Valley College. Looking forward to the closing event on March 20th!

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