Playa at Summer Lake

I’m here for two weeks to get serious on this book.  So far it is working, with some scattered anxiousness and various bits of fretting.

Summer Lake is incredible – a seasonal lake. When you’re in the middle of it, you feel like you’re on a different planet. 

There’s drought here, of course, like everywhere in the west. And so the lake disappeared a little earlier. In the center of it, there is not a thing alive. No insects, no birds fly over, no other human can be seen. Eerie.

Also I’ve made some friends.

Here’s a 360 I made from the center.

One thought on “Playa at Summer Lake

  1. So how big is that lake? Seriously – it has water in it seasonally? How deep is it? There’s a lake in Australia–Lake Eyre==and it only really fills completely on a 30 year cycle…and hordes and hordes of birds know to come there…there are even fish…then it can be completely dry.

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