Things I read (or failed to read) this summer

I tried and failed to read Knausgaard. His struggle ultimately became My Failure as I gave up the book two-thirds the way through (sorry book group!). I’m happy for the  gazillion other people who think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I’ll take Bolaño any day in the genre of enormous lit

Giving up My Struggle freed up room to pick up these awesome NW spec-lit books – the authors of which (Sharma Shields, Shya Scanlon, and J. Robert Lennon/ literambivalence) I’ll be on a panel with at the Montana Book Festival.  I finished  See You in Paradise highly recommended. Can’t wait to read Shields & Scanlon. Also, and next up for book group: I’m loving Austerlitz.

I was asked to write my first blurb. For Microcosm press I read The Velocipede Races – awesome, fun feminist bicycle fiction.

Research for the next book continues – I’ll be visiting dig sites in SE Oregon this September, while at Playa

Lastly: I’ll be picking up Emmi Itäranta’s Memory of Water shortly, for a really awesome event we’ll be doing together but which I cannot yet announce…